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A - Anchors Away

Welcome to Anchors Away! In this series we're going to point out a handful of things worth knowing while you take your cruise through the bay.

We hope you enjoy, and for any questions while on the water, please call;

Anchors Away 562-506-1316 Ext 5

B- Jellyfish Cove

If you happen to be riding on the right day, you may see the jellyfish in the cove. Put your best driver behind the wheel and hang out with some wildlife when you get there!

C - Pokemon

For all of you Pokemon buffs out there, this ride just got a little sweeter... Hopefully you can catch em all. (Even though I said "while you get a chance")

D - Marine Stadium

Marine stadium is planned to be used for the next Olympics that come to LA in 2028, after being constructed for the last Olympics that came to town.

Check out the boat races sometime as well, loud but cool...

E - Portofino History

For those of you history buffs out there, this one's pretty cool. This building was built to support twice the height, but was only developed for the current 6 floors. The units are nicely insulated and we can show you around if you'd like...

F - Horney Corner

Yes, you heard that right... The history is a lot less exciting for college kids to hear, but hey, at least now ya know!

G - Treasure Island

The real treasure to be had on Treasure Island is the privacy and seclusion you get from living in such a place. With a gated waterfront community and their own small park, it truly is a gem... Get it?

H - Mid Century History

See if you can spot all of the architecturally significant homes while you tour the bay! There's more than you may think...

I - The Colonnade

Back in the 30's, people used to ride up to their hotel at the fountain in the center of Naples Island. Those hotel rooms are now condos and we can help you buy one...

J - Gondola History

Way back when, Naples Island was built to resemble the Naples Canals in Italy. With your own Gondolier, you could pick out your lot and maybe even catch a song or two... Spofity ain't got nothin on gondoliers...

K - Peninsula 101

There's a lot of history along that small stretch of beach... From a historic trolley car, to manmade beaches, it's duffinitely a cool spot to check out.

L - Movie History

A lot of production companies like to use Long Beach for movies and shows portrayed along many other coastal cities. Can you spot anything you've seen on TV?

M - Bridge Safety

BE CAREFUL - The bridges can be a real issue at high tide. Make sure you pay attention and don't end up regretting your decisions!

N - Marina Pacifica

The waterway you just left was manmade, just like most of the tour you'll see ahead... That even includes the Pokemon and Treasure Island... Stay tuned :)

o - safety first

Always keep your eyes on the road and please be mindful of water traffic. There's too much fun to be had for all water goers and we'd hate to see your ride cut short...

X - Don't Go

Please make sure you keep within the ride boundaries or your boat will duffinitely shut off!


So long and farewell friends! We hope you enjoyed your ride and hope to see you again soon @Anchorsaway !
5520 E 2nd Street #8
Long Beach, CA