Listing Videos

Every property has a story to tell. Our goal is to create real estate listing videos that spark engagement with buyers.

Cinematic Home Tour
Agent Narration
Arial Footage
Fast Turnaround
Detail Graphics
Branded Content
We wen't from photos being enough to; having video in your listing presentation being the standard.
Ryan Bustillos - Compass

Agent Marketing Content

Social media platforms have opened the door to a whole new world of video marketing. We help our clients cut through the noise with targeted video content.

Social Media Video Content
Agent Bio Videos
Local Highlights
News and Tip Videos
Humor Driven Videos
Day in the life
Marketing Campaign Videos
Creativity, speed, flexibility and execution; The California Content Co. has it all! 
Eric Simon - The Broke Agent

Testimonial Videos

Follow-up is KEY! Testimonial style Videos are a great way to the human side of the business. These videos are also viral and sharable content, leading more potential customers back to you!

Key Exchange Videos
Client Testimonial Videos
Closing Videos
Progress Videos
The key exchange is important, capturing it is even more important! Providing your client with a video that they can share with their friends is huge for getting leads.
Ben Fisher - Ben Fisher Team

Ready to level up your content?

We’re on the hunt for real estate agents looking to up their game with remarkable online video content.